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    FDC server take over

    Hello there,

    I've had a server with FDC for around 1 year now and am now stopping using it due to not having enough traffic to justify the outlay.

    The server is priced at $154 a month and is on the IRC network.

    so whats different to normal?

    The server is a 3ghz p4 with 2gb of ram and an extra 120gb disk (this is in addition to the 20gb system drive and 80gb main drive)

    I paid a hell of a lot of money for the upgrades as they were one off costs and am looking to recover a little bit of the price.

    I'm looking for around $300 - $400 and the server is paid up until the 3rd of July.

    Contact me via Aim (Wlatic) or email (info[at]jrue[dot]com)


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    How many IPs are there?

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