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    Business Plan

    Hello there...

    Well this is my first post to the forum but i have been reading posts for some days now.

    I learned a lot without even asking anything...thanks for all the posts that helped me.

    My question is if anyone can give me/us a sample business plan of a hosting businness , i tried to write a business plan my own from scratch wich is very what i was thinking...then i found some other free business templates online were i tried to fill....still......thinking

    Well is the anyone who can help my give a hosting business plan template.

    We will just going to begin in the hosting business so a business plan is needed.

    Any Criticism is acceptable and welcome.

    Thanks again for all the helpfull posts.


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    I'm sure you can find some template business plans on Google or in your local bookstore. If you have trouble writing a full-fledge business plan, try writing a simple one page outline and go from there. It's really not that hard to get started. Simply write down your goals. - Top Provider of Web Hosting, Reseller Hosting, and Cloud VPS Plans.
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    First just write something in your own words. Figure out the numbers... the expenses you'll run into down the road, potential income, etc. Be realistic... project lower revenue than you expect, and higher expenses than you expect. Don't forget to include things like taxes, phone bills, your time, etc.

    Once you have that, then you can turn it into a formal business plan if you like.
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    Templates can be helpful as a start, but I think that writing it on your own is more beneficial. When you use templates, you'll end up writing a bunch of stuff down that you don't need, you feel like you are completing a test. But a business plan is a tool that you create to use. It should be constantly changed and adapted. Write where you are, where you want to be, and how you intend on getting there. That's the overall message, how you fill in the details needs to be as personal to you as possible.
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    Posting your opinion is appreciated and very helpful, hope to see more

    Thanks again for everything

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    I suggest you to prepare your business plan yourself, rather it written by others.
    To keep your business in right track and making its all plan easy you should have a defined business plan. Keep the following points on priority during writing your business plan.

    1. Your market strategy should be place on the top.
    2. Determine the competition.
    3. Find out the financial information or capital investment required for your business.
    4. Measure the risk factors and prepare plan to eliminate it.
    5. Measure your own strength and map your route and path.
    6. Frame out and compose your business plan without typographical errors.

    I think these few point will going to help you to write your business plan.

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