Hello, this is my first post here and I hope I'm in the right forum for this. We just bought a dedicated "self-managed" server from LayeredTech. It is a Linux box running CentOS 4. We also bought our domain (wildcatnation.net) from godaddy.com. We are able to use the IP address ( to get to our site but our domain apparently isn't setup correctly. When I go to dnsstuff website and do a dns lookup for us, this is what I get back:


How I am searching:
Searching for wildcatnation.net A record at b.root-servers.net []: Got referral to L.GTLD-SERVERS.net. [took 90 ms]
Searching for wildcatnation.net A record at L.GTLD-SERVERS.net. []: Got referral to ns2.wildcatnation.net. [took 20 ms]
Searching for wildcatnation.net A record at ns2.wildcatnation.net. []: Server failure! [took 50 ms].

Server failure. There's a problem with the DNS server for wildcatnation.net.


What exactly does the answer above means? We been searching high and low and trying everything people have say to do and we can't seem to find the answer. Can you all point us in the right direction? Thanks for your help! Looking forward hearing back from somebody.