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    Offshore Hosting Pros and Cons?

    Hi, we're looking to move an adult site to a new host, and are curious about offshore hosting. We don't do anything that would be deemed illegal (no kids, or animals, etc) but given the current Gestapo climate in the US, wouldn't mind a level of privacy separation from the US of A. More for modesty than for legal reasons. We're not try to hide illegal stuff, but also don't exactly want to hang a banner on Main St. USA.

    Any thoughts as to pros and cons?

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    I've always assumed reliability was a major factor in staying within your own government... You have very little in terms of legal recourse should an offshore host harm you in any way... Just something to keep in mind

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    Yes, this definitely one of the concerns, though I have to say my confidence in the US legal system on this side of the fence is pretty dismal...

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    Fair enough

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    What sort of adult site are you talking about?
    Is the content subject to 2257? If it is, are you currently compliant?
    If you're not doing anything that is illegal and you're compliant with current statutes, then I would seriously doubt you'd have any problems with the "Gestapo"

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    i had this exact same problem as i run an adult site. it was in relation to the 2257 regulations. the site isn't illegal but it would be impossible to have detailed identifications for each girl. you would be talking about 10,000 + and it's just not possible.

    the problem you run into is the fact that bandwidth is much more expensive outside the US. you'll also have the time gap for tech support. it might be 5 oclock EST but overseas where your server is it's 3am. you can't really expect support at 3am.

    i actually found the company i switched to on here. his name is amine and his sn on here is edelweisshosting

    his site is and the actual server im on is

    i wrote a one month review for him a day ago if you wanted to check it out. i've had ****** experiences with hosts and hes great.

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    tail -f /var/log/nerd
    Pro: Your server is not in the US where you will run in to problems hosting adult material soon.


    1) You are no where near your server if sonething goes wrong.
    2) You will pay WAY too much.
    3) You will more then likely get bad service and support.
    4) You may have to deal with a language barrier.
    5) You are at their mercy if some hardware fails.
    6) No way to tour their facility to see what kind of condition it is in.

    Thats just a few that I can think of. Try Canada the new law will not apply there.

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    Originally posted by MegaHosters
    Pro: Your server is not in the US where you will run in to problems hosting adult material soon.
    I would say that's a Pro only if the material you're having hosted is illegal or not in compliance with 2257.

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    I'm not so much worried about "the Gestapo" from an outright legal standing because we're not going to do anything against US law per se. But my bigger concern really is just getting caught in the Ashcroft net and having to provide endless paper and jump through hoops laid out by people who are against this sort of thing. US courts are just a nightmare unless you're Michael Jackson.

    The bigger concern is protecting the privacy of those involved, investors, etc. If it's hosted in Hong Kong or wherever, there's theoretically some protection. Or is there? That's the real question that makes considering all of con's listed in other replies. Considering how many putrid kiddie porn operators are going strong out there, offshore folks clearly have some serious protection while those of us who deal in adults sweat into buckets over here...

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    Originally posted by haydon17
    US courts are just a nightmare unless you're Michael Jackson.
    Quote of the week, bar none.

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    Originally posted by haydon17
    US courts are just a nightmare unless you're Michael Jackson.

    Domain Maven

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    You should tell everything about your site to the sales department of hosting company that you wish to opt for. You should get them to approve your requirement and save the approval so that they dont suspend your account at their convenience.

    Try and have legal contents only on your site and any other service like big mailing lists or newsletters or cgi's that may overload the server should not be kept in same account as hosting companies sometimes make it nightmare for customers once the customer is caught overloading the server.

    You can loose your important business and livelihood if offshore company does such thing to you. Try to be on safer side and see that you dont make problems for server of your hosting company.

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