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    whitebox vs company bought

    What is the difference between building my own server and buying a server from a company like dell?

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    Mainly in my experience - solely pricing.
    With one you also get a warranty of sorts on the "entire" machine, whereas with the other you'll be dealing with each part seperately.

    RMA'ing parts is a hassle either way, but I'd recommend building your own.
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    If we are talking about building a 1u server then there is a lot to worry about with cooling. This is not to say that you can't built a great 1u server yourself, just that you should do your research. When building your own machine you can usually save some money and get a little better matching of components, but when you buy from somebody like Dell you do get the warrenty and the support if you need it.
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    We typically build our own or buy white-box servers from system builders. For our own stuff, we use SuperMicro cases and motherboards. We've not had any problems with them. We found that we could save significantly in comparison to the equivalent specs from a Dell server. However, by building our own we gave up "whole-server" warranty and support. Also Dell's racks are well enginered and many have nice front panel connections for keyboards, monitor etc.

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    agree with huck

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    We've found that we can build servers at comparable prices using higher quality hardware by doing it ourselves. You may not save all that much money on lower-end hardware, but the extra level of quality you get is often worth it (as long as you buy quality parts).
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    I won't build 1U servers myself anymore, but I'll build 2U servers all day long (my prefered server type anyway).

    1U are hard to cool, the fans seem to be prone to failure, overheating, to put it bluntly sucks. 2U servers you can use out of the box factory fans, real power supplies with real fans in them, and they just stay a lot cooler.
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