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    Exclamation Yahoo/MSN-like portal system

    Hello fellow developers,

    I am here today because i need some advice. I am in charge of developing a portal website, which consists of many websites linked together by a mother website.

    The idea is "Single" login. Much like Yahoo or MSN for example, where you are logged in automatically to all websites (Email, Games, Calendar, etc..) once you enter your login details at one of them.

    Obviously there will be a lot of programming work here, and i would never find a tailor made solution, but what i am looking for is a skeleton portal script that can help me achieve this. I heard Invision are working on a new system called Invision Power Dynamic, but that will be released in 2 months. I need something within 2 days so i can start the development.

    The Content Management code is ready, but now i need to find out a way to link all the sites together. I also assume that the sites will use the same DB.

    If any of you has a suggestion or knows a useful script i would appreciate sharing it with us.

    Thanks guys

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    Try Mambo CMS or something similar.
    If you don't want that much code and functionality for a skeleton, I recommend using Yawp, which is available through PEAR. Yawp is pretty much a nice framework that binds together a bunch of neat PEAR scripts for you with an xml config file.
    I use it often myself...
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    basically as long as you have the auth read from the same database...
    using a content manager system might be helpfull... or you can edit a phpnuke type thing....
    Theres a link to dl some CMS

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    300K - Siteminder from Nitegrity works quite well. If you give me any indication about types of all satellite sites (underlying technology) I may be able to give you suggestion or two.

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