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    Which is the most reliable host for busy forum?

    I am looking for the most reliable host for a busy forum, with daily hitz over 20000. Can anyone suggest some to me? I was about to register with yahoo but too bad they only allow one domain hosting per account. I just want a never down host for busy forum.

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    Are you looking for shared, VPS or dedicated accounts? It seems that you might be edging towards VPS with that traffic.

    What kind of forum is it you run? vB? phpBB?
    -- Matthew

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    I do run quite a number of sites. I do have a number of server boxes but I would like to keep my sites seperated. My forums mostly are discuz, vbb forums. I wont get VPS, cuz with the money for vps can already let me get another server.

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    Trouble is that forums tend to be server resources hungry, so a shared hosting environment might not be the best fit for them. How many simultaneous users do you have online? How much data transfer are you using?

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