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    Mega Clearance of sites incl

    Mega sites clearance, around 7-8 sites.
    Domain itself is worth in high $xxx
    Webdesigning learning information and Shopping Site
    Clean custom design + logo.
    Custom Graphics.
    Integrated AWS store for webdesigning tools, etc...
    (Uses modified Freekrai script, all you need to do is edit one file to have your affiliate id in all the products).

    Includes section of related Articles
    Domain itself rocks.
    Has recived over 60 visitors without any advertisement in 1 week.
    Bidding starts at $100
    BIN: $300 Quick payment via paypal only

    Was one of my dream projects but as i said never had time to work on but there were 5-6 accounts running on it.Used to get 5-10 unique per day.
    The script is unique but resell rights are not included though you can hardly find sites like those. You can sign up and either log from the login box or from your ftp.Has high potential.
    Completely custom script, works off cPanel (you must have cPanel 9 or above with the "X" skin to use this script) and my own hand coded backend. There is no admin area for this script; all changes to members, etc. should be done through PHPmyAdmin and the MySQL database. The main file with the script which accesses cPanel is encoded with IonCube so as to deter anyone who'd like to illegally copy this script. I'll setup the site on your server free on successful payment. A great domain with a great custom site!

    It has made a few bucks with google ads.

    Bin is 100 for this.


    Starting bid: $40
    BIN: $60

    Magic 8-ball website and custom script. Simple, easy to transfer. 15 different possible answers, more can be added extremely easily. Uses PHP to generate a random number and then choose an image to display. New site, Domain expires 5-12-06.This also gets few hits i guess.

    PayPal only. Free push at DirectI reseller on successful payment.

    --------------------------------------------------- is a site for general knowledge FAQ.
    It has high potential of revenue as most of the questions and answers are unique.

    Note 97 % of the questions are from books we got, general knowledge.

    Site has: 70 + questions.
    Site has: 27 + categories.

    Domain is freshly registered through Enom.

    It has an admin panel to add categories or questions and answers.

    Admin features include:
    Add Categories.
    Edit Categories.
    Delete Categories.
    Add answers and questions.
    Edit answers and questions.
    Delete answers and questions.

    User Submit Form:
    Users may submit questions and answers.
    Form is mailed to site owner for approval.
    No programming knowledge needed to run this site, new contents are added with 2 simple clicks.

    Note the design, full coding is unique and the questions will not be resold.

    Bin is only 300 for this great site with high potential.
    I will add questions every week and will help the buyer.

    Payment accepted via: PayPal

    ---------------------------------------------- is a Rate My Pet style website.

    It has high potential of revenue you may charge for membership fees with the built in system.

    This site is fully controlled by the admin panel and very easy to run.

    Users sign up and create their profile, they may then add pictures of their pets for other members to vote on from 1-10.

    Built-in forum system; Admin controlled.
    Built-in PM System.
    Built-in Newsletter system; Admin controlled.

    Domain is freshly registered through Enom.

    Bin is only 400 for this great site with high potential.

    Payment accepted via: PayPal

    Custom Design

    Brand-new Domain (enom)
    70 + Original Docs

    In this site it has around 25 % of the content unique and then other content is from sites and so on.

    Bin is 250 for this great site.

    Custom Design

    Brand-new Domain (enom)

    80 + Original Docs

    In this around 30 % of the content is unique and other content from sites and so.

    Bin is 275 $ for this great site.

    All payments through paypal.

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    Revenue for any of these sites?

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    Havent tried putting ads on them at all.

    These sites are basically custom layout, unique scripts and some little traffic.


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    40 for

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    Weezey is the highest bidder for 40 $ for sharedftp.
    Zius is the highest bidder for 45 $ on

    Bidding will end on Saturday night.

    And camp2win if you have some questions pm me, didnt understand with the quote nevermind.

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    Come on guys, saturday isnt far near.

    Bid Bid

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    Can you please tell me a little more about the functionality of sharedftp?

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    Well its like this:
    U sign up for an account
    u get an confirmation email
    Your ftp is created with all details through email.
    You log on and you can either upload from ftp manager or from the site directly.

    Only 100 for the great site.


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    50 on sharedftp for me

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    Very nice.

    Contract data has the bid of 50 For sharedftp.

    Bid for onlinetips is 60

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    Bid is 20 $ for Vote4pets.

    Though i hope vote4pets can atleast reach 100 mark as the script has taken me 48 hours..

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    Just got back and wanted to tell all the revisions of current bids.

    Current bids are:
    Sharedftp: 50
    Vote4pets: 20
    Onlinetips: 60

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    Come on guys.
    Less then 1 day left.

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    wwfx army on Sitepoint has bidded 65 $ for Onlinetips.


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    Less then 20 hours left.

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    I can't open

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    I will look into that, some DNS glitch but thats just like a fun site .

    8 ball steps and so.

    Hostbidder you were interested in sharedftp too ? Any bid on it.

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    Less then 10 hours left

    bid for from sitepoint is 70 $

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