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    Need Design Review (nervous!)

    I'm kinda nervous as this is the first time I hire a designer for any of my sites, what are your impressions of the current site thus far? Anything you'd change?

  2. hmm no reason at all to be nervous, I really like that design, and it is very clear what your site is about and such. Good colors, I wouldn't change anything !

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    Looks good. Great design, nice photos. Just a bit "Template-monster" like. U know

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    looks nice ,

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    well hot dog thats a damm good lucking website
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    Ah, thanks. I don't know, maybe I've been staring at it for too long, but something about the colors feels missing, if that makes any sense?

    Also, what are your opinions on sites that have the site headers and footers to stretch across the size of the browser while the content remains centered? I was thinking about possibly requesting that, but I'm not sure how good that would look.

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    Everything is perfect except the navigation.

    I don't know if you feel the text doesn't look right on the menu, but I do. Maybe a bit too "vertical"?

    Try to make it like the left menu.

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    I think it is a nice design

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    Very nice design! I like it thus far!

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    It's lovely, the colours, style, format, layout, menu, image etc they all work well.

    Looks like you have done well in finding yourself a talented designer.
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    Hi, just thought I'd post back with the completed site ( up and running. I took some of your suggestions, including uncluttering the top navigation. What do you all think of the final product?


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    looks really nice but yea something feels missing.

    Dont know what though but looks awesome
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    Few things to improve:

    1. The text alignment in left column is inconsistent, no clear line fom ignitesoftware to warning signs to testimonials.
    2. The white block under the sitemap -contact -resources links on the bottom doesn't look good
    3. Colors: well, you need either more or less yellow. The Parent-tool boxes contain some yellowish color, but there is no other yellow on the page. Either take it out or add some more yellow somewhere. I am for adding.

    Otherwise good.
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    I think it is a nice design but i'm not sure if it's appropriate for your target audience. It does look too busy in my humble opinion and maybe some parents that are not as tech savy as the rest of us might feel overwhelmed.

    just my $0.2
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    it's very original and attractive design
    greeting to the designer

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