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    Banner Space Needed - 18/21+ traffic required

    I need advertising space for a 468*60 banner on sites which have a good proportion of visitors over 18. This is because the site I am advertising is poker related and I want a targeted audience.

    I am not to fussy about what type of site, but would like to see offers from those with lots of traffic.


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    is this free advertisements?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bnet
    is this free advertisements?
    Excuse me?

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    Most of my visitors are over the age of 18. If you are interested contact me. I posted a ad in here already regardimg advertising on my site.
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    Many of my visitors are 18 and over. Visit its a blog hosting site. It will get you plenty of expsoure.

    You can view the site stats here:

    I have these available formats:

    468x60 - Homepage & Run-of-Site
    728x90 - Member blog pages
    160x600 - Homepage only
    120x90 - Homepage only

    If interested PM me and we can discuss rates which fits your budget. Thanks.

    Ant Onaf

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