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    Best Reseller package for indian


    I'm really interested in becomming a reseller, therefore I'm doing my research currently. If I want to succeed, What do you prefer me to do? Buy a cheap reseller plan to start out and play around with it Another question I want to ask you about is what type of servers do you prefer, Linux or Windows? Obviously

    And what is good reseller package for me i am from india....peferme with good package

    thanks in advance

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    Assuming budget is your biggest concern, go with resellerzoom. Take the basic package , it is only 4.95USD. Plus great support and uptime. You can check out their support by asking them questions and see how fast they response, this will also provide you a good idea, how fast you can respond to your customer if technical problem arises.

    Windows plan are generally more expensive. Be it linux (for php, python) or Windows (ASP.NET, ASP, CFM) depends largely on your target customer. If they are just hosting static website, which is html pages, it doesnt really matter.


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    Hai joshuayip

    dudget is not problem for me.. i want good server. 24 x 7 uptimes and good support tell me other than resellerzoom

    thanks in advance

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    Buy a cheap reseller plan to start out and play around with it
    Sounds like a good plan. You should get yourself a reseller plan that comes with the control panel that you intend to use though. Take your time to learn things, buy a few domains to plan with, setup accounts, test everything. Do not get customers at this stage.
    dudget is not problem for me..
    The budget always has limits. It's been often said that paying $1+ per Gb of data transfer gives the customer higher chances to get good service. Does that sound expensive to you?

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