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    any one know a program like that ?

    Hi folks,
    i want to ask about any applications for windows platform (.exe)
    that let me manage my customers database for hosting ...

    i mean any progarm that i can enter in its databse customer name , hosting plan , customer phone number and save it to its databse...and alert me for the next billing period ...

    where can i find like this program

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    Sounds like you might want to use MS Access. You can find more info at

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    You may also want to investigate some of the prepackaged webhost applications like modernbill.
    Matthew Winship
    15 Minute Servers / Net Access Corp.

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    No, Microsoft packages a great application for this. It's free, (well at least if buy a windows OS!) it's got great functionality, and the programing is a breeze. The interface could be cleaned up a bit, but other than that, it's got it down........

    Oh yeah, it's called notepad.exe.

    Sorry, just had to post that. But on a serious note, I agree with shockuk, Access will do the trick! - for sale!

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    This one might work for you

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