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    Backup question, everyone can answer!

    I wanted to ask what kind of backup system do you have.

    Currently I am backing up all accounts to another hard drive via WHM and I am considering changing this to raid1.

    Which do you think is better backup system?
    Or should I still backup the raid hd too?

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    RAID1 is not for backup its for redundancy incase of hardrive failure. It should not replace full backups. You want to backup incase you or a customer deletes a file on accident and you need to restore it, or maybe if a hacker gained access to your system and vandelized the machine by removing files or replacing them.

    RAID1 + a full backup of the system to a seperate server would be the ideal setup.
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    It depends on what you are trying to achieve. RAID does not replace proper backups although it can complement it as part of the total backup solution.

    RAID 1 basically ensures that if your primary harddisk fails, your server can in a way ensure uptime during the failure. Since RAID does mirroring, it means that any files removed or modified on the primary drive would be reflected on the mirrored drive. This means that if you or your customer removed or replace certain files and require a restore, you will not be able to achieve it. A bad update or a vulnerability attack would not be protected by the RAID solution.

    Like Ameen said, a better solution would be RAID + backup and preferably to a remote harddisk at a remote location so that you know your data would be secured.

    If you have to choose between RAID or Full Backup, I'll take Full Backup anytime over RAID.

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    As others have indicated, RAID is really a redundancy solution, vs a backup solution. However, we have always felt that layering your backup is extremely important (similar to layering your security)

    RAID for redundancy
    Local Back of file systems and DB instances which will allow for recovery of specific files, directories or DB's
    Offsite disaster recovery

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    While you are at it, keep several copies of backups just in case and not just the latest copy.

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