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    20 domain name transfer problem.

    Please help anyone.

    My domain name will expire on 2005-06-17. On 2005-06-11 I made a domain name transfer to And on 2005-06-12 i received an email from [], as follow:

    "[] received notification on 2005-06-11 that you have requested a transfer to another domain name registrar. If you want to proceed with this transfer, you do not need to respond to this message. If you wish to cancel the transfer, please contact us before June 13, 2005 by going to our website at

    [link here]


    If we do not hear from you by June 13, 2005, the transfer will proceed.

    Thank you.

    Customer Support, Inc.

    Please take note of the's email. They ask me to do nothing if i confirm to transfer out my domain name.

    But, what happen is on 2005-06-16 i received an email again from as follow:

    "Your web addresses expire: 17-JUN-05

    If you do not renew the web addresses listed below today, you will lose them.

    Click here and renew with Invitation Code SYS212

    [with some pricing table here]

    IMPORTANT: The names above are NOT enrolled in SafeRenew? our automatic renewal service. This is one of the last opportunities you will have to renew these names before they are released to the public. SafeRenew automatically uses your credit card to renew your names. For more information on your account, log into Renewal Manager. "

    So, my question is what actually want me to do? Is my domain name confirmed can be transfer, since I had ignored the first email? Will I lost my domain name if I not renew the domain with, as my domain name is going to expires very soon?

    Thanks in advance!

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    I think the second email on 2005-06-16 is just an automated email reminding you to renew your domain before it expires. It is probably completely separate from the transfer.

    HOWEVER... you are cutting it pretty thin here tryng to renew a domain soooo close to its expiration date. So don't listen to old 4solutions here on WHT - if the domain is worth keeping, I would contact and make sure that the domain is being transferred. I would also contact the registrar that you are transferring TO and make sure that they are aware that the domain is close to the expiration date.

    BTW... welcome to the forum.
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    I do also think that it should be just a reminder and do totally agree with 4solutions

    Contact both sides and make sure everything is going smoothly.
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    from experience with if it is too close to the expire date they may reject the transfer.
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    with i had transfered domains AFTER expiration date since they dont LOCK the domains
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