I am looking for someone to develop a website were customers can log into, request a specific type of graphic (from a selection) see the template for their selection and be able to "place" stock graphics (or upload their own), logos and text into pre-determined areas of the graphic.

They should then be able to submit these requests and the website should create a unique number for the request (based on a pre-determined or assigned customer number) for naming purposes and be able to FTP this template request to an FTP site (more detail on this below). It should also send out an e-mail to the customer and designer about the request.

Customers should be able to view all their submitted requests, status and such.

The website should be able to assign graphic requests to any available designer based on workload (queue) and keep track of who was assigned what (for manager review).

When the work is completed designers should be able to submit the work to the website which will move to appropriate customer's account and notify them.

They should then be able to approve for publishing or request fixes/modifcations (and have the ability to detail the requests). This should then be sent to the appropriate designer in a seperate work queue.

Once confirmed for publish there should be a final confirmation step and notification to appropriate parties.

The ability to setup various customers with their own users with access only to their files and areas is a must. A simple web interface to manage customers and information (assign unique customer ID #, configure designers available for work assignment, manually route jobs, etc...).

Willing to farm out the actual web design to 3rd party.

Contact via IM

ICQ: 2704242
MSN: [email protected]
AIM/YAHOO: Utnnyan