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    FastCharge gateway, reliable?


    Been looking at moving away from because I want recurring billing and they charge extra for it. So while I'm looking at moving, I might as well see what all the competition is out there (both gateway and merchant account bank) and pick the best one for me.

    I currently have my merchant services provided by Electronic Transfer out of Spokane, WA. In fact, this guy is in my town and I've been to his office, so that is a good aspect of dealing with them. I don't like the fact that all the banks they deal with all do a DAILY debit for the discount fees we owe them on the transactions they process. I'd rather have a bank that does that monthly. It would make my accounting and reconciling activities easier at the end of the month. I'm currently with National Bank of the Redwoods (now merged with WestAmerica Bank).

    ETI has their own gateway called FastCharge. I found out yesterday that there are about 5 companies using this same backend software for their gateway, one of which is Pay-Me-Now. I forgot the other one he mentioned and there are like I said about 5 or 6 of them.

    Does anyone have any experience with this gateway? Has anyone heard anything from other users of the gateway?

    Looks like if I want recurring billing without extra fees I could go with Verisign or the CDG gateway. I've got a client on the Linkpoint gateway and find that it's kind of lacking in sophistication when it comes to the admininistrative area so not sure if I'd go with that one. I also found out that Wells Fargo seems to have a package deal with that doesn't charge for the recurring transaction feature. My main business account is with Wells Fargo, but I find there rates are higher than I can get elsewhere.

    So this post is off to a rambling start. I'll be looking forward to any feedback anyone here can offer.
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    I'd suggest checking out the eProcessingNetwork gateway as an option to fit your needs.

    It has a built-in automated recurring billing system that can be driven from either the virtual terminal or your own HTML forms or script... plus built-in fraud control & a host of other nice features. - Trusted Merchant Account Solutions since 1998
    Many thousands of successful, growing businesses benefit from our expertise every day. You can, too!
    We help merchants to eliminate gateway costs, reduce & mitigate fraud and achieve streamlined PCI compliance.
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