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    Online business - Huge potential

    Due to work restraints we have decided to part with one of our websites.
    It is an online bracelet store that sells high quality titanium bracelets, located at - It has a google PR rank of 4 and has grossed around 700 in sales since january with very very little advertising.

    It gets roughly 200 uniques a day

    All the inventory is listed and we have a very reliable account with a company that ships the bracelets for us - they accept paypal.

    They also give big discounts for wholesale orders

    The website is custom created and not your usual stock template.

    Starting Price: 400 dollars

    Buy It Now 2000 dollars

    Listed below is a few screenshots of recent orders:

    Here is a screenshot of a wholesale order;

    And here is evidence of recent wholesale enquirys received:

    If anyone needs to ask any more questions just pm me.

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    I am interested in your titanium bracelet store.. I just have a few questions first

    1. I was wondering how much advertising you have done to get the site started in your ad you state it was very limited Im just curious as to what you did.. Also are there any inbound links from sites you own/control that would end after the site was sold?

    2. Would it be possible for me to see a image of your webstats and if possible an image of your paypal sales (obviously any private info should be blocked out Id just like a clearer idea of the frequency of the sales.. any returns made etc.)

    3. Ive checked with the manufacturer reguarding prices for the bracelets but I don't know how much the dropshipper your using is hitting you up for.. could you give me an idea on the margins your dealing with?

    After the above questions are answered I'll get back to you with an offer.

    Thank you for your time..

    If you wish to do this privately please email me at [email protected]

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    we have a bid at 450 currently

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    Can you post the above information here or PM me it please.

    The main thing I would like to know is the profit margins, including all expenses.
    There could be a number of other expenses apart from buying from the importer/manufacturers.

    You mentioned "we" in your post, are you running this on your own or with anyone else?

    What work is involved for you?
    From receiving the order to the customer receiving their jewellery.

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    profit margins from the supplier are around 40 percent depends on bracelets, with a minimum of around 35 percent, if you buy wholesale for the customer your profit margain increases to aroun 60 percent as you get much better deals if you buy in bulk, out going costs are minimal as you only pay for the bracelet when the customer has payed for the order , we also have a titanium jewellery manufacturer which the winner will recieve with an averageprofit off over 300 percent, we use these to wholesale orders to local shops in our area and make a very tidy sum from it, all these products could be added to the site there are over 200 in total including other products like titanium rings and cufflinks that we have also had great success with. They will also brand your bracelets with the wristaction logo which we have had done many times in the past. We have all products on file including pictures etc which will also be released on completion of sale. There is 2 of us involved with the sale yes, we are both brothers and both have had a good part to play in the wristaction brand. Titanium jewellery is growing in popularity by 50 percent every yr and has great marketing potential as it is strong, light weigh and is a great alternative to gold or silver as it doesnt tarnish and is medically safe (alot of people are allergic to silver ) very niche market, the only reason we are selling is due to the fact that are main operations are as an import company and we want to devote our full attention to this.


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    website sold

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