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    Architectual Tool?

    Do any of you know of any good architectual tools for designing a large object oriented program? Not exactly a flowchart, but a layout. Do most of you use Visio? Other suggestions?
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    In school we used a program called Rational Rose which I believe is an IBM product. It was pretty good and could even do things like generate base source code for your program based on the design you entered. I think it has been broken down into different products which you can see more about it here:

    I have no idea how much it costs, but since they are offering 50 grand worth of testing software "no charge" on the front page it may be outside your budget.

    I seem to remeber Umbrello being pretty good as well, but it has been a while since I looked at it. It's available here:

    Good luck with your project.
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    argouml is a great tool for simple use cases & class diagrams on small to medium sized projects.

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    also there is JUDE UML (free *you need java*) UML its amazing
    and a not so free is psyden (i dont think i spelled it right )

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    we used rational rose at uni too.. to be honest if you know how to use it you could probably draw dfd's and the like (its a good few years since i did any OO coding) on paper. iirc we used to write the code for our projects, and then get RR to draw up all teh supporting diagrams to match it'd guarantee that our code matched the diagrams though

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