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    * RAQ4 upgrade to RAQ550

    Hello all,
    I have a RAQ4 that i m trying to upgrade to RAQ 550, i have downloaded the 550 ISO from sun's website. created a bootable CD. I tested that CD on my PC which runs win2000 and it is booting from that CD. I am using the Linksys NIC on the PC. I connected RAQ4 via crossover cable to the PC, link lights are green. When reboot RAQ4 and select boot from net nothing happens. can anyone please let me know what i m doing wrong?

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    it should be use straight through cable; and what is the kernel in raq4?

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    Didn't you post this in another thread already?

    Green lights mean nothing other than you have a good cable connected. Is the Linksys card you are using on the supported list for the CD?

    On the PC booted from the CD, if you press Alt+F8, you will see the NIC driver info, as well as attempted connections from the RaQ when you choose Boot from Net. - LAMP and LAMP+SSL HowTo - Cobalt FAQs and HowTos

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    I just finished upgrading my RAQ 4R to the 550 OS and have to say that it was about the easiest process that I could imagine. Basically I followed the directions from this board and one other one, and it just worked. First try - ROM upgrade and everything.

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