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    snapnames: bids and proxy (+netsol periods)

    i'm confused about the snapnames procedures, this is my concern:

    from snapnames faqs:
    If I bid higher than the last bid a second before the auction ends, will I win for sure?
    No. To ensure fair play, bids received during the final minutes of an auction will automatically extend the auction close time by a few minutes.

    but if someone has put a proxy bid, and at the last minute, there is a bid then there's an automatic proxy bid, the bidder can continue until he get's over the limit of the other bidder? or how does it work the proxy bidding with the last minute extensions?

    if i want a netsol domain that is gonna expire, which is the best moment to do it? before it expires, some days after (how many) or what's the best according to netsol periods (grace periods, etc)
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    The auction would be continuosly extended until no more bidding. So if Bidder A places a proxy bid up to $500, but the bidding starts at $100 and the Bidder B bids $250, the auction is extended 5 minutes and the new bid is $255. The auction will end unless Bidder B tries to raise the bid again.

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