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    Cellphone/Smartphone Apps - 5$/each!!! Hurry up!!!

    I have a few applications to sell. I bought them around $10-$15 and am selling them for only $5/each.

    MetrO - 5$

    Status: no bid yet

    Converter - 5$

    Status: no bid yet

    MathZ - 5$

    Status: no bid yet

    I have other ones, if you are looking for a specifical one, please e-mail me at or through PMs/Instant Messages.

    AIM: xxaymen


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    How are you able to offer these at low prices?
    Are the free software?
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    Nope, I just don't need them anymore.

    I bought them a few months ago, for my Sony Ericsson P900, and I have a new one that can't connect to the PC, so I am selling those.

    You can check online, the registration for these apps is around $10-$15.

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    The MathZ SOLD.


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