We all complain when something goes wrong – I think it is only fair to report when a problem has been put right. I have received such brilliant service from Easyspace, way beyond what I had hoped for:

Towards the end of last year, I ran into some problems with Easyspace when I was unable to receive support for some issues regarding the re-design of my website. My support tickets / requests were just being ignored - extremely annoying.

I am not a web developer. I am a photographer - I am (just about) competent to design my own site, manage it and deal with routine problems, but I am not well prepared to deal with issues out of the ordinary. The last thing I wanted to do was to spend hours researching hosting providers and dealing with new accounts and domain name transfers. I was also not prepared to incur extra costs.

I did some research into Easyspace, found out that they had been acquired by Iomega (from what I knew then, either worrying or good) and contacted Iomega. I received a reply very quickly from Paul Jeffrey, who is Iomart's customer services manager. I did not really believe that anything significant was going to come from my complaint (attack would be more precise) - and I was wrong.

Iomart immediately set up a new account for me so that I could implement the new version of my website on a "clean" space, at no extra cost. They also offered to have the two sites running in parallel for as long as I wanted, which took the time pressure away. Designing my own website means that I need to do most of this work in my spare time and I knew the new version would take a while to complete.

Some questions (permissions, scripts) did appear during this period and Paul was there to hold my hand and answer questions with never-ending patience. I was dealing with an actual person who would reply to my e-mails normally the same day.

The switch from the old to the new account, when I finally gave the go-ahead about two weeks ago, was totally painless. I did lose a few e-mail messages during the transfer which was not a big deal because I had scheduled it to occur at a weekend. I also lost two or three days' worth of log files, but this is a small price to pay, given that my site is now on a faster server and the price for the hosting is more attractive than before.

On the subject of web stats: If you are, as I am, not happy with Easyspace’s Webalizer-based web stats, give Smarter Stats a try. The raw log files are compatible with Smarter Stats. I am told that a new version is due out some time next month, which will have some sort of automated download facility for log files. At the moment, it's a "hand job".

The new Easyspace control panel is, I think, reasonably clearly designed and no more difficult to use than any online subscription service. No problems there.

The support section, which is now integrated with the control panel, has been improved considerably. I have not yet had to use Easyspace’s tech support but, judging by my recent dealings, there are no reasons to worry.

I looked up a couple of articles in the knowledge base. I believe much has been re-written. You should only need person-to-person support for the most complex problems.

What began as a very stressful and hostile situation turned out to be a very positive experience. Iomart has gone the extra mile for me. I am well impressed and I think it is only fair to say so.

If you still have problems with Easyspace, try contacting Paul. His e-mail address is [email protected]. Sorted out my problems, may be able to sort out yours.

In retrospect, I am very glad that I did not panic and change hosting providers. I think the changes and improvements that have already been implemented under Iomart's guidance are noticeable. Of course, Easyspace hosting has always been a stable and reliable environment – still is and, no doubt, will continue that way. I am happy with Easyspace.

Just in case you are wondering, I am not connected to Easyspace or Iomart in any way (apart from being their customer) and they are not paying me to say something nice.


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