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    My server wont resolve domains...

    Hi everyone!

    This is a little urgent since I was just about to show of my work for a business partner, but my cron-jobs just wont work since my server wont resolve other domains 4 times out of 5.

    I have a cronjob which is supposed to download a few images from different places, but here's the result:

    Resolving failed: Host not found.
    Resolving failed: Host not found.
    Resolving failed: Host not found.
    My resolv.conf contains one single line:
    nameserver xx.xx.xx.xx

    Any idea??


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    Ask your DC what their name servers are then add them like:

    nameserver nameserver1(as IP)
    nameserver nameserver2(as IP)

    If you are still having issues, then use an IP address from another datacenters name servers
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    This particular server is hosted by, but they might have a few different nameserver ip's huh?

    I mailed them a few hours ago but haven't received any response.

    Anyone else with managed?

    Should I restart the server after making the change?

    Is there any risk that something goes crazy? It's a production server so it can't be offline for a few hours.

    Thanks a lot!!

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    Try using these:

    No restart necessary.

    I am using them at home ever since the Comcast DNS fiasco and they are resolving quite fast. However you should switch to your DC provided name servers when you got a chance.

    For a presentation you should be fine.

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    thanks a lot, i'll give it a try!

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