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    2 weeks and the hunt continues


    i posted for help, got help, got a few hosts, had to give up 1 in about 1 week . so i am back. i might get flamed for this post.. but i am desperate now ,(i did post on the request .. but...)


    need 1/2 reseller account

    Account 1/




    HDD 2 - 3 GB

    Bandwidth 30- 40 GB

    MSSQL 200MB 2-3 DB

    MS SQL Enterprise Manager Access is CRITICAL

    ACCOUNT 2/ This can be 1 simple Linux shared account

    HDD 3 - 4 GB
    B/w 30-40 GB

    FTP account 30-50 (a domain needs about 30)

    important , need to run a domain that something like ... , basically , have a client using .net , but needs lots of FTP accounts for office transfers .. windows doesn't offer this . so we run his domain on account 1 , and take a separate account for him on account 2 for his FTP's

    some one make a reccomendation or offer .. ppplzzz..

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    You may want to consider an hsphere host, as they can accomodate both linux and windows from a single control panel.

    You may also want to take a look at as well - I dont believe they offer hsphere, but, they do offer both windows and linux and I have heard nothing but great things about them....

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    well , i dont specifically need 1 Control Panel , we have have 2 diffrent ones , thats not a problem

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    please let me know what it is that you currently do not like about your current hosts. I am sorry to hear of your dilemma and maybe we can work thrugh this and try to get somemore percise requirements met.

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