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    Almost ready to move to a VPS

    I have been running along quite nicely on a reseller account, and today one of my Clients comes along as wants a whole lot more than my reseller account can provide.

    They are wanting to move more of their business online and put it up on an SSL web server - so I need a dedicated IP for them. The easiest way is for me to move up to a VPS - a little sooner than I had initially planned.

    I am not in an immediate hurry - probably within the next 4-6 weeks to start getting everything going and migrate my Clients.

    I have been looking carefully over various VPS plans and have almost settled on servint - they certainly seem to cater for my current and 6-12 month requirements. My only concern is servint state equal share of CPU - there are no mimumum guaranteed amounts.

    As yet, I have not fully decided, but if anyone can make recommendations on Other VPS providers that have a minimum spec of

    Linux (prefer FreeBSD but have not found any)
    192M Ram (guaranteed)
    400Meg CPU (approx)
    10G disk space
    120Gig/mth data (min)
    4 IP's (min)
    CPanel/WHM/Fantastico preferred, but would consider DirectAdmin.

    My budget is realistic at $55/mth, I don't really care too much about full management of the server as I have been managing servers for many years.

    I am trying to find anyone who has recently moved from a reseller account (CPanel/WHM) and tell me of any problems or potential problems you had. Additionally, I am trying to think of anything I should be doing right now in preperation to make it easier when it is time to make the final move.

    I am just a bit hesitant to move from where I am at the moment, as I have had Excellent service on my current reseller - only about 12 minutes of downtime since the beginning of the year. So, I am seeking someone who is reliable, both in network, network performance and The servers they put the VPS's on!

    My clients have come to expect that their site will be available and I would hate to dissapoint them!
    CPanel Shared and Reseller Hosting, OpenVZ VPS Hosting. West Coast (LA) Servers and Nodes
    Running Linux since 1.0.8 Kernel!
    Providing Internet Services since 1995 and Hosting Since 2004

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    PowerVPS would suit your needs, even thought it says Equal share CPU. You will never notice a slow down on their servers. You get 256MB RAM guaranteed on their lowerest plan. I'm on Eqash12 as my host server and its one of the older setups with RAID 10, the new ones are RAID 5.

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    I PMed you ragarding a VPS, please reply when you read it.
    A VPS is very nice considering you can add your own resellers. If you get a nice VPS package you shouldn't be able to tell the difference from a dedicated server. I really like mine, it runs great for my needs.
    Jason Cousineau

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