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    * US and EU Dedicated Game Servers

    I am in need of finding a good hosting provider. What I would like to get is someone who is in the US and EU.

    Servers I am looking for will be for Gaming. We are also looking at reselling game servers for a certain EA gaming due to be released next week.

    Server Specs we are looking for are.

    P4 3+Ghz (or equivelant AMD) 64 Bit CPU's and OS diserable.
    1 Gig of RAM
    Linux or Win
    5-10Mbps per server (unmetered would be great) 2Terabytes +
    36Gig HD would be more then enough.

    Thanks for any help!

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    Thats alot of BW for just gameservers, unless you are going to have like 150+ Slots in use 24/7, you arent gonna push 2TB+ (32 man CS server in use 24/7 pushes 400GB afaik).

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    So your looking for a single provider with servers in the US and EU?? You won't find too many of those. You'd be better off just finding two seperate providers. For US I've been using Netivex for running a UT2K4 server and it's been working great. They're located in Peer1 NYC check out the hosting offers forum here they have a great deal with free extra RAM going on right now.

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    Many dedicated server hosts have 2tb of bandwidth, just look around for them.

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    Which European market that you're interested in?
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