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    Selling my hosting business

    I am offering my web hosting company for sale.
    This is the second time in 3 months due to the very un-responsible buyer who withdrew from it in the very last minute
    Why? because i am 19 and i am going to the army, i will be coming home once in every two weeks.
    I am the only person in the company, i do both sales and support, all in all it doesn't take much time, i'd say 20% of my free time.
    What the company does is it offers web hosting mainly to the Israeli crowd, i also offer server maintenance plans, there are currently 15 servers which are maintained by me, that is the hardest part of the business.
    All of my clients are hosted on one server, it's my own server, i built it myself, the specs are the following:
    Pentium 4 2.4Ghz
    2GB (512 * 4) ECC DDRAM 266Mhz
    160GB (80 * 2) IDE Harddrive
    2U Intel Case
    The server is connected to a 100mbps shared line.
    I'd say that currently it holds 40% of what it can just because of the performance i get, what i mean is that you can put the same sites that are on it now two times more to see a difference in performance.
    The average CPU usage is 7-20% and free memory is 1.2GB out of 2GB on average.
    I also advertised the company on Google during the first 4 months, 2 times total, ~$420 all in all.
    I have spent money on the company in means of hardware and software, details bellow:
    Some statistics
    There are 51 users (=clients) in the control panel, two of them are my freinds which i host for free.
    There are 168 domains hosted on the server.
    The total space all of the sites take is 7.75GB on average, highest was 9.8GB half a year ago.
    The average monthly bandwidth is 850-950GB (in mbps = ~4).
    There are currently 112 MySQL databases.
    Payments are only accepted using monthly recurrings via Paypal.
    The average monthly total income (without expenses) is ~$1220 without the other server's maintenance plans (that will discussed later), highest was $1450 and lowest was less than $100 in the early beginning.
    What you get
    All of the clients speak English, the site is entirely in English.
    Support is only given using a support ticketing system (freeware; OsTicket).
    Support is not given by phone.
    I am willing to help you out for FREE during the first two weeks to help you get the hang of it.
    You get a lifetime license for the Helm control panel which was bought for $350 from
    You get the account details for that and for Webhost Automation.
    You get the Windows 2003 Standard 10 + CAL CD and Book (via the post of course) with the authentic serial which were bought for $799 off eBay back in January - February of 2004, i lost the box, sorry.
    The server itself was bought here in Israel (the parts) for ~$1400 and was assembled by me in September 2003 after i moved from a reseller account.
    last but not least, you will get my Paypal because moving the subscriptions will be impossible, you will get my Paypal account without my credit card (you will need to add yours).
    There's always room for improvements
    I have had alot of requests from both potential and existing customers alike to install the Persits ASP Components; ASPUpload and ASPEmail.
    Also, you might consider adding MS-SQL because i know this might be a very profitable addition to the server.
    What i want
    I want a person that can continue managing the company as it is now, helping people quickly and opening accounts as soon as payments are received.
    If you're not that kind of person please do not contact me, i want the clients to enjoy what they have now plus maybe even get more, not less.
    I will set the payment options and will decide the final price.
    I will only give you the server maintenance plans and their specs AFTER we have a smooth transaction and ownership transfer.
    Please note that i have not included the revenue from those server maintenance plans because this will only be discussed later.
    Also, not alot of people will offer this but; i GUARANTEE all money paid back (minus transfer fees) if the revenue will be at least 10% lower than what i wrote here (or what have agreed on).
    I will not post the URL here for obvious reasons such as rumours being started about my company.
    Email me with your offers and for more details (such as Paypal screenshots and control panel screenshots).
    * Note - I don't remember the exact price of the parts, advertising and etc.. so i put a ~ (give or take) sign before the sum.
    I can also be reached by MSN or by phone, email me for details.
    Apart from the offer please mention in your email why you're good for this kind of business.
    I am not in a hurry to sell, i have time until August so please do not send me rush offers.
    [email protected]


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    I have an offer for you

    Hi my name is Michael Stewart.
    I am the Owner and Founder of Dream World Communications.

    Since your going into the army, would it be possible for you to switch your clients over to my hosting servers.

    If you want to know more yell at me. my cell number is 1.660.525.2464

    Michael Stewart

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    I can help you out if you wish.
    I know what if feels like to bust your butt and then have to deal with the tought of having to had over your company to a person you A) Don't know if they are who they really are who they say they are or B) are just looking to figure out how to get your money.

    I created Dream World Communications,ltd to make it affordable to create a web presence. So I do care more about taking care of the customers, than thier budget.

    So if you want to talk, then you got my contact info.

    Michael Stewart

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    what datacenter are you currently colocated in ?

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    Is there a current bid on this item? Let us know. We would be interested an also offer phone support so you can rest assured that we will take care of your clients for you.

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