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    Web Site Slice and Code


    I realize that this probably will not fly with you guys/girls, but I was wondering if possible, if someone would be willing to slice and code and web template which I have made. Believe me if I could I would slice it myself, but I have yet had the time to learn, and am on a tight schedule with absolutely no money. I am not just saying that to get a free slicing, I honestly have no money. If anyone finds it in there heart to help me, God Bless Them, and I understand if you cannot do not feel obligated. If you are interested please contact me, I will try any repay you in some way.

    Taylor Leach
    Hybrid Media

    EMAIL - [email protected]
    AIM - elnino2050

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    can we possibly see what it looks like?
    MSN - developer (at)
    AIM - dogbertuk2000
    YIM - dogbertuk2000

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    I can email it to you, but thats about it I have no hosting currently, but would be fine with emailing it.

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    I might be able to do it, email it to me.. joe @ blitzout . com

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