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    control panel for windows servers

    Hi folks,

    We're getting hold of some Windows dedicated servers to we can sell them off for shared and reseller hosting.

    We use whm/cpanel on our unix servers but we've been told cpanel on windows isn't very good!

    The only other option we can find is helm.

    We'd rather have a uniform control panel across all our servers (unix and windows) - is cpanel on windows worth waiting for?

    Is help really the only choice?



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    Plesk maybe?
    There are several more, try googling

    PS: im making my own now, supporting apache2triad hehe
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    Cpanel for windows isnt even out yet, so it cant be good or bad...

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    Have a look at above post , it may help you


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    I use helm and so for it seems to do the job. Plus they are coming out with new updates that improve the control panel.

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    I use and love plesk for windows. It isfor me at least the best and easiest to use of all windows control panels. My own window boxesand also those of other companies I support i use it on and it is very, very reliable nd user friendly. If i have to have any drawback it would be license price.

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    My Vote goes for Helm. Its one of the Best Windows CP and is very Stable and eats very less resource as compared to other Control Panels.
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