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Thread: unix sorting

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    unix sorting

    I am trying to sort below data on column 2 which is the Hamilton, Jefferson, Washington, Boston but I can't sort it look like Alias, Hamilton, Jefferson, and Washington

    bash> sort +2d -2d pb.dat

    1:Hamilton,Alexander:882-0246:New York, NY
    3:Washington,George:123-456-7890:Mt. Vernon, VA
    7:Alias, Boston:123-4455:Columbia, MO

    Anybody see the problem or suggestion?

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    u mean something like this:

    sort -k2,3 +2d -2d -t:


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    I think I figure it out. Should look like this sort -t: +1 filename.

    Yours is seperated by tab but thank you very much for taking time look on my problem. Have a nice day. I might post more question about unix because i am a beginner and have a homework due so i need need for many small thing.

    thanks again

    Originally posted by Grooby
    u mean something like this:

    sort -k2,3 +2d -2d -t:



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