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    What could be happening

    Something very strange has been happening and I'm not sure what it means. Does this mean my hosting account has been compromised or something?

    What has happened is I have one email account set up for my website. Let's say it's: [email protected]. That's the only email I have. I have been getting very odd emails in that account. They say things like: [email protected], [email protected], etc.

    All the emails have headings like this: your account is about to be closed, your new password has been updated, your new password has been accepted, your account may be in violation. When I open an email there are just "attachments" which I am not opening.

    Any idea what could be going on?

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    Those are viruses that someone is sending to your account - almost certainly unintentionally.

    Based on what you described, I don't think it's anything out of the ordinary. You would probably benefit from some sort of A/V filter on your email server, though.

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    Well, what I should do first is to disable the catch-all. This makes that every mail received by the server is accepted. When you disable, if the mail account doesnt exists the mail is rejected.

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    It appears what is happening is very commonly called a "dictionary attack" and in this case it appears the SPAM message has an attached virus. A dictionary attack is a single SMTP connection that attempts to send email from a spam source to a random set of names on a domain, e.g. [email protected] [email protected] [email protected], in the hope that one of the hundreds will get a hit and deliver in your case the virus.

    If you are using cPanel I suggest you use :fail: rather then blackhole for disabling the catch-all as it is less resource intensive on the server. Additionally, you can setup forwards to go to your main address for other boxes such as sales or admin so you don't need a full e-mail box for them, but they will not be rejected by the server. Also if you have the ability to, you may want to enable SpamAssassin on your server to filter out blatent SPAM messages, you can then create a "filter" to automatically delete the message with the SpamAssassin header, so you don't have to check them and they are automatically discarded.

    Hope this helps and best of luck!

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