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    Unhappy Layers and layer -- image manipulation :: Please help

    Okay, i'm quite new to web design and tend to stick to simple stuff normally but recent demands have meant I need to make a website with a bit more professionalism.

    My problem is as follows:

    I have web page which has many different images on it, one image is just a red background with a symbol on which text will be placed.
    However, I put a layer over the image, enter my text into the layer but there are two problems:

    1) Whenever the browser windows is resized, the layer just sites there and doesn't move like it should do.

    2) I place the layer in Dreamweaver, but when I view the site the layer has moved from where I put it. I think this is partly due to the fact that I place the page in a non-centered environment (Dreamweaver) and then my HTML code centers the page and all the content apart from the layer with the text in. The layer therefore stays where it is.

    So the crooks of my question is this and I would really appreciate reply -

    How can I put text over an image which will stay where it is in relation to the image and the rest of the page when the window is resized and website centered?

    Many thanks,

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    Set the image as a background image in a div, or table cell, and put the text in the div or cell. You'll have to play with the alignment of the text a little probably, but it'll do the trick.
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    snokrash257's method works, though you then have to nest the text into an inner container and apply a margin to it. Not a bad way to go, if the image next to it makes sense as a background image.

    Otherwise, you want to apply a float to the image and place it before the text in your markup.
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