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Thread: Cool domain!

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    Cool domain!

    I'm selling the, which will end next july ( I'm going to renew it in a couple of days),because I don't have enough time to take care of the site.

    The site received everyday about 300 - 400 unique ip's since it's name is easy to remember.

    The price of the domain is 50$ and payment can be done via paypal.

    For more information, contact me via e-mail : [email protected]

    thank you!

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    SOLD upon verification of stats.

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    Offer withdrawn as unable to verify latest stats.

    Name still available for sale!

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    You can see some statistics here:

    at the bottom of course

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    My hosting company surprised me, you will have statistics soon

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    I am able to present stats of the website, everyone interested can contact me via e-mail..

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