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    Bug in WHM/Cpanel


    There appears to be a major bug in WHM/Cpanel. Details mentioned below. Can anyone suggest a solution?

    Example of bug:

    1. I allocate 10 MB to a mailbox user "[email protected]".

    2. Joe logs in through webmail and creates five folders besides "Inbox".

    3. He keeps only 5 MB mails in Inbox and keeps moving new mails that reach his inbox to folders created by him.

    4. Over time each "new folder" grows to around 20 MB. Five new folders created by him are using 20*5 =100 MB storage.

    5. WHM/Cpanel does not take into account the new folders (created by Joe) when calculating quota. Therefore Joe can store 100 MB or unlimited mails in his mailbox that was originally allocated 10 MB space.

    cPanel support response to this issue is:

    "The quota only applies to mail that is in the inbox. So while the total usage including mail saved in numerous folders is above the quota, it doesn't actually get enforced until that amount is surpassed by only the contents of the inbox folder."

    In a nutshell, the above means that every mail user on WHM box can have unlimited storage beyond the mail space allocated by site/server admin to the user ??? Please help.

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    The issue I have posted above has been dealt with at the Cpanel bugzilla web site.

    I request forum moderator to kindly delete this thread from WHT.

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    it seems to work fine for me :O

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    Thanks for the update. It indeed appears to be a bug in Exim and not Cpanel.

    1. Does anyone know if Exim has resolved the issue by incorporationg the patch provided to them by Cpanel?

    2. Is Exim 4.5.1 (patched) a stable release?

    3. If someone has applied the Exim patch succesfully, please let me know if it breaks WHM or anything else or is it safe enough to apply immediately?

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    Anyone who has the solution / answer to above queries?

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