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    Web Trends 6.5C - Excluding bots

    Hi everyone,
    I'm fairly new to all this webstats reporting, but I've come to realise just how important it is :-)
    So I've started using an old version of WebTrends Log Analyzer 6.5C, and I need to know how to exclude bots, robots, spiders (whatever you wanna call them) from being listed as hits pageviews on my website.
    WebTrends seems to have an inbuilt Exclude filter for this kind of thing, but it doesnt seem to exclude many of the popular bots etc. This may be due to my version of WebTrends being out-of-date (I would use WebTrends but we dont have a machine powerful enough:-(!)

    Is there a way to guarantee I can omit these bots and spiders from my report? If there is I'd sure like to know how! Is it just a matter of updating a list from somewhere?

    Thanks for anything


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    Thanks for the help~!

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    huh!!! Thx for what?? You're not making any sence!! I haven't helped you!

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    For putting up this topic! I have a similar problem

    Sorry, my english isn't very good.

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    No Problems, man u confused me for a minute.
    Lets hope someone has an answer to our problem

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