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    10 Real Estate Templates For Cheap Sale!

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    Nice templates - good luck.

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    Nicely done with the colour matching, especially with 12 & 13.

    It's a shame I don't have a good backend script specific to Realtors as there is defintely a niche market with the Independant ones. - for all your Hosting needs
    Helping people Host, Create and Maintain their Web Site
    ServerAdmin Services also available

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    thanks spliffted and website Rob, really appreciate your comment

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    I will take 12 and 17 please
    $40 please let me know where to paypal to


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    Are these only PSDs or sliced and ready in html? I'll buy for sure if they're ready.
    Ken O. TKO

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    dibs on 11 atleast, maybe more.
    Ken O. TKO

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    hi kenop, sorry, there's no html with it, but if you want, just pay extra $10 and will do it for you.

    @Julian: I've pm you, please check

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    Hmmm...I purchased 11 yesterday from him. I was told it was unique.

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    True? let me know whats going on pcaisc.
    and antevorte if you are the licenseholder for it now, care to sell a copy or the full rights?
    Ken O. TKO

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    opps, really sorry i did not notice that i have put this up, sorry about it AntevorteNET, my mistake, template 11 is sold!

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    kenop, I am planning on using the template, but pcaisc does have some other great templates.

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    thanks AntevorteNET, please let me know if you like any templates and would like to purchase some more.

    Between, i mistakenly put template 11 there, it supposed to be template 10, please view it here:

    Thank you!

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