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    Advertising on (Free forum service, 20k uniques) and (PR4) - Free forum & blog service Advertising

    I'm offering textlink ads on - a site that provides free forums and free blogs.

    Basic Statistics

    9,000 visitors after 13 days on all 3 services + main site (would make over 20,000 visits per 30 days)

    Currently we are hosting over 500 forums and 50 blogs. Hundreds of forums are added every month, and many of our existing forums are growing.

    Example Hosted Sites: phpBB Example Forum | Invision Board Example Forum | Example Blog


    Top Textlink - Textlink ads are placed at the TOP of each forum/blog/main website

    $8/month OR $20/quarter ($6.66/month)

    Bottom Textlink - Textlink ads are placed at the TOP of each forum/blog/main website

    $4/month OR $10/quarter ($3.33/month)

    Other Info

    The link is just a simple textlink - no tracking, no description etc. There are no guarantees associated with the purchase. Textlinks can be maximum 30 characters long.

    Please contact me via email pcpowerplay [at] gmail dot com or via PM (email preferred). Please include the title of the link and where you want it to link to (eg. Link:, Title: Google).

    Payment via Paypal. Advertising

    For just $5/month, you can advertise on a PR4 forum with over 78,000 posts and 1,700 members.

    Ads will be placed on every single page on the site at the top on the "Sponsored Links" section.

    Advertise here:

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    Oh, sorry

    I didn't realize, the last time I posted an advertisement it was allowed in this forum.

    Mods please move this thread.

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    Thread moved. Don't feel so bad, this forum was only created a few weeks ago due to the enormous amount of such ads
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    Is there any way of seeing some of these forums and blogs that you host? And are the links static or are they rotating with a bunch of links?

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