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    Hi, I need a link to go from a selection to an order page in Modern Bill

    Basically there is a drop down panel that has:

    new, transfer, other, domain name, virtual, dedicated, etc. The client puts his domain in there and hits "go" where it points to an order page that remembers the fields the user picks. Can someone help me code this or figure this out?


    Maybe something like:

    for ($i=virtual; $i2=dedicated) , etc

    Then some sort of if box a = $i, then the setup page would be like:



    ^^ general idea of what I'm talking about. Should be in PHP.

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    why can't you just use the switch statement based on the selection?

    An if statement would get the job done too. Send the form to something ChoosePayment.php and if would contain the code:

    PHP Code:
    if ($type transfer) {
    //change header to send to transfer page;
    } else if ($type hosting) {
    //change header to send to hosting page;
    } else if (... 

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    Hmm okay thanks. That should work just fine.

    I'm going to upload a screenshot to show you guys what I'm talking about.

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    yes, my method above will work for this. But instead of $type you would probably be changing it to $_POST['type']

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