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    I run multiple websites, will switching to reseller accounts help me?

    I'm a complete newb to the reseller world.

    Here's my situation:

    I run 6 sites right now, with 3 more opening up sometime in the next month. I've got 6 different cPanels to log into when I want to check stats, update databases, or make minor adjustments.

    As you can see, a good deal of my time is spent logging in and out of different cPanels managing my sites. I've got different login names on all the accounts. It's getting pretty inefficient.

    So I've heard that the way to manage several sites is to get a reseller plan. The idea is that I would simply create accounts for each my sites and managing them would be a breeze.

    I've got a few questions before I sign up.

    Will I be able to see seperate AWstats for each of my sites (or will all the traffic hitting my reseller account be lumped into one screen)?
    Will I be able to use myphpadmin for each of my sites to update SQL databases?
    Will I be able to maintain seperate POP3 email accounts for each site?
    Will mod rewrite work differently since my sites are all now hosted on one disk? (this is the most important question)

    These questions are probably pretty elementary but I'd like to know what I'm getting into before I sign up.

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    You really dont need a reseller account. What you need is an account that will let you host multiple domains under one control panel. Many hosts do this now so I would ask them if you find a host you like. Everything would be seperate like Awstats, phpMyAdmin, etc.
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  3. i might suggest purchasing a VPS, or virtual private server. it allows you to do what radv said, host multiple domains under one control panel. thier pretty nice systems. hope this helps

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    I found the answer here:

    The guy there is in the same place as I am. The only draw back to multiple domain shared hosting is that I would be managing all my sites from one control panel... which isn't organized.

    I'm set on Reseller hosting so I can setup an account for each site, and I'll be able to give hosting to some friends if they need it.

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    The only draw back to multiple domain shared hosting is that I would be managing all my sites from one control panel... which isn't organized.
    It really depends on which control panel you are using..

    so I can setup an account for each site, and I'll be able to give hosting to some friends if they need it.
    Absolutely, if you need to setup people with their own accounts, each of which need to have their own CP - then a reseller solution is exactly what you need.

  6. ah, i guess i didn't read that part, sorry for the wrong suggestion . yes, if you want multiple people with thier own accounts, go with a basic reselling plan. sorry for the misunderstanding

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    a resellerplan is definately theway to go for a person like yourself. I was a designer fisrt andas my client base grew I needed more and more servers and a central place to work with and on them. The best part is that i can get seperate stats since my clients all wanted to see how great they weregoing to do with their traffic. Plus another way to look at it is that if you do get a reseller account you can then use that as a money making part of your business too. The cost to buy sire after site from another reseller is a lot higher than if you buy one andthen make your own plans for your clients needs and a little xtra monet as well.

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    This may be available without being a reseller account, but one of the really useful functions is that I can setup individual access to cPanel for all of the sites, but still access my sites and all of my client's sites directly from my cPanel... so I don't have go out and back in and keep a ton of logins and passwords straight.

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    You're on the right track, oalhajjar, and a Reseller account will greatly simplify things for you.

    Using Directives in an .htaccess files is not a problem, due to the fact each account is seperate from the others. And as the Reseller, you can login to one Cpanel account then use a dropdown menu to swich between them. The big drawback with that (right now) is that you cannot access phpMyAdmin without using the actual Username & Password of that account.

    Your Reseller Control Panel (WHM) will show you some various stats for all your accounts whilst you can use Cpanel to see the individual stats for that account only. - for all your Hosting needs
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    I was in a similar situation as yours about an year back and I opted for reseller account. Since then, its very easy to manage and work through your accounts. Also, I have given hosting to couple of my friends as well.

    Initially, I did tried addon domains, but its too messy! If I want to give/sell one site to some one, I was not able to do as it was on addon account!

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    Excellent guys! You've made me confident in the choice to go with a reseller.

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    what u need to look out for is a hsoting company that offers you multiple add on domains with a hosting account

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    thanks a lot this thread also answered a couple of my qs

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