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    PR7 Website needs HELP, get part of action

    I just purchased a PR7 domain name today, and i really have no clue what to do. Looking for someone to help out with getting me some text links to purchase ads, or just using the site to generate its own traffic. Willing to work out a deal with someone who'd be interested in helping and working together to make this PR7 site a success.

    Prefer contact on AIM: Fsuguy79 or MSN: [email protected]

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    it is possible to get the URL?

    Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, don't touch this!

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    i run several pr7 and pr8 sites, shoot me the url and i'll happily give you some pointers

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    this appears to be a pr of 1 ?

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    the site without the www is a PR1, but with www, is a 7 and confirmed by plenty of others. If it doesnt load up the content, its still switching the DNS, i purchased and switched the DNS last night. so may take a day or so. pagerank tool as well as other sites page rank tools all show 7.

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    This site doesn't even show any backlinks in google, so I'm not sure how it could be a PR7. I'm showing PR0 on my bar.

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    Type in

    I was hearing a few people say 0 also, but then an hour later it showed the 7. I show 518 backlinks but all seem to come from the same domain.

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    who did you buy this domain off and how much did you pay, likewise google doesn't show any but google is picky, it doesn't show you them all anyway, yahoo however does, there are 10 links, at that rate i would expect one of those links to be a pr8 to pass on the pr7, there are no pr8's

    you'd better double check to make sure this domain didn't have fake pr

    and seeing as there is no description, or cache in google of it i would wonder

    i looked on a different google dc and it had some cached pages but it's old data

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    The guy had no clue that he had a PR7, so it only cost me $50, how would a site get a fake PR. What im thinking is the next update is going to drop it way down. But, i've already got links from 2 PR6, a PR5, and 2 PR4 sites. And will probably trade links with a few more PR5+ sites, before the next google update.

    But this is where I need help, basically, i've got a site thats showing a PR7, and might not be for long, so need to do something quick. HELP...

    All the ones you see on yahoo are the ones I added yesterday. Google only shows old data.

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    There are ways to manipulate PR. That's possibly what could've happened. I would definitely trade links while it still shows up like that so you can build some strong links.

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    Originally posted by Zamees
    how would a site get a fake PR.
    5 lines of code and you too can have a PR10 site.

    And that is assuming you want to cloak it so visitors can't tell.

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