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    Custom forms and validation coding


    I am a senior in college, out for the summer and looking to do a few programming jobs. I am obtaining two degrees, one in Computer Science and one in Information Science. I will be finished and graduated by December 17, 2005.

    Until graduation time, I would like to do a few programming jobs for people on the Internet. I am trained in PHP, JavaScript, Perl, Java, Visual Basic, C, C++, and COBOL.

    I would love to make custom web forms with validation scripts for anyone interested. The data entered on the forms can be saved in a database, emailed to you, or saved in a text file on your server.

    I would also do just about any coding in the languages listed above, in case anyone is interested in that. My charges will not be outrageous. I know no one really wants to spend all there money on a script, or any other program for that matter. I will quote you a low price for almost any job. I'm just trying to get the bills paid this summer, not trying to get rich quick.

    I have just finished, which is a digital sewing design site. It was designed from scratch with PHP and MySQL backing.

    I have the training and the skills if you need them. PM or hit the Email button if you would like more information.

    - Jon Howerton

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    Do you have an Instant Messenger to discuss your skills further?
    MSN - developer (at)
    AIM - dogbertuk2000
    YIM - dogbertuk2000

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