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    Can't access domain account

    I am trying to change the DNS servers on a customer's account (I did an eccomerce site for him), and can't log in.

    The admin is located here:

    It's the same site I used last year to renew the domain, now when I log in it gives me this:
    "Your domain name is registered directly under a reseller account at You will need to contact the reseller directly for any login or billing information related to your account.

    If you are unsure of which reseller your domain name was initially purchased through please go to and submit a trouble ticket through the "ask us a question" link. "

    I have sent multiple emails, no response.
    THe domain is expiring next month, should I just transfer it to another registrar?


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    Looks like be choice, since ain't responding.

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    773 is a fairly large company, I can't imagine them not responding. Perhaps, you could call support ? Home of Generous George the Red Monster.
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    Its highly unlikely that they did not or will not respond. I would seriously hope you are not some one who would call "They didnt respond to me within half hour of me emailing!!!" no response are you? Dont laugh, people like that are out there and they are annoying as hell. Try giving them 24 hours, or maybe 2 full business days. By the way - did you try the link thing they mentioned to find the reseller? If so, did you try contacting the reseller?

    Seems a moot point if you didnt even try using the tools that they provided. Just my 2 cents.

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    The will refuse to deal with you. The tossed out a lot of their customers under this pretense about eighteen months ago, something like that.

    I was tossed into their "reseller" rubbish bin because all my domains were under the same login, and ONE, the fifth one on the account, was registered via a host as I set up hosting.

    You should definitely move to another registrar as soon as you are able.

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    As you were advised, try contacting their Customer Support over telephone. It will be easier to handle and sort out everything.


    To say the truth I do not understand why would they refuse to deal with him. Also I did not really understand why your account was removed.
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    You can't talk to them on the phone, that is the point. They will refuse to deal with you again (for that account) once you have been labeled a reseller account.

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    Then call their reseller support - they do have that. If the retail folks wont help, then the retail folks there will.

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    I had a similar problem recently over a domain that a customer asked me to take charge of. The domain was on a reseller account with some "kiddie host company" that does not appear to be functioning any more.

    I had some problems in getting to communicate with me at first ("talk to your reseller"), but once I got the message across to them that the reseller is no longer contactable they did help. As I understand it do have a standard procedure for this scenario which is that they will contact the reseller and if the reseller does not respond within "n" days then they will take the domain out of the reseller's control.

    I "talked" to via their web-based support system and have no complaints about their response times.

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    If the domain is indeed under a reseller account, registrars' legal
    agreements with their resellers force them to refer the end-user
    to the reseller first. If the reseller can't or won't help, then the
    partner registrar should step in.

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    I had seven or eight domains with them, all registered with them directly except one, which would have been the fifth one registered. Because they called that one a reseller situation (I also registered it myself with them, but via a link from a host) they refused to deal with me for ANY domain, despite the fact I had been a customer for quite some time, and my first domain registered was with them.

    I dropped them immediately so there wasn't much followup, other than them trying to convince me to use a lame reseller/front control panel and email support, etc. It was the weirdest Kafkaesque thing I've come across online. I would never use them again for anything.

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