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Thread: DNS issues

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    DNS issues

    Hey all,
    I use CPanel WHM and have for years. This one I cannot figure out...

    I had a website on Server A, and moved it to Server B, so I logged into my two nameservers and changed the appropriate info. Now, when you type in thedomain . com it goes straight to the new server files; however, when you type in www . thedomain . com it goes straight to the OLD servers files. Funny thing is, both DNS zones on both servers have www Cname thedomain . com.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated, as this is costing me business and is rather embarassing. I already suffered enough traffic moving the servers as it was. Thanks

    - Eric

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    How long has it been since you updated the dns info for the domain? It may take 24 - 72 hours for the dns to fully propagate.
    ~ Nick

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    It's been about 72 hours right now, coincidentally... :-/

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    still lookin' for help if anyone's got it

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    Is just a matter of time, if you changed the nameservers and only have nameservers that point to server B the DNS zone on server A will not be vaalid for that domain once it is totally propagated over the Inet..

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    tail -f /var/log/nerd
    Have you dug on the domain to see what state it is in to the rest of the world?

    Try this tool here:

    If you could post the domain I could research it out but for now I suggest using the dig tool to see if perhaps something is still not right.

    Even the best of us mistype or make an error that we may not see.

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    the domain is erlgalleries . com

    it's saying that points to the right IP with the right nameservers, but that www . erlgalleries . com points to one correct NS and one OLD NS (ns1 . erlnetworks . com), and the wrong IP...

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