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    * June 2005 Mega Sale!! *First come, first served.

    That's right, this is one of those rare "happy hours" when you can get away with an awesome and powerful advertising package at huge discount rate!

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    Third largest web hosting forum on the Internet. Independent and active community for hosting professionals to discuss industry issues and interact with potential clientele.

    TEXT LINK: SOLD OUT (Next available: July 1, 2005)

    BANNERS: All time low-rates for the first 3 orders per location.

    Header banner: Only $5 CPM (reg $7-9)! This is our partner-rate usually available only to bulk inventory purchasers, now available to 3 (three) lucky buyers.

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    The largest Student Media Network on the Internet. Unites young people of the world in their passion to showcase their talents through writing and other creative ways.

    Monthly Page Views: 400,000+
    Unique Visitors: 180,000+

    Network-wide text link runs through all major pages of the web site for maximum exposure and will reach all our visitors.

    Regular price: $85/mo
    YOUR price: $25/mo
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    *Available: 4
    *Maximum length of purchase: 8 months.

    Internet Technology
    Special industry coverage, powered by

    Your link will be displayed on top and bottom of every page of this special coverage.

    Regular price: $20/mo
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    *Available: 6
    *Maximum length of purchase: 12 months.

    For any assistance, please contact me by PM, email or by posting below.

    *First come, first-served.

    Hosting Discussion - web hosting community.

    Is your company represented?

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    3 accounts remain open for the HEADER banner location
    2 accounts remain open for the FOOTER banner location

    Order online at:
    Hosting Discussion - web hosting community.

    Is your company represented?

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