Intergenix Releases Its Spam Control Module For The PortGenix Monitoring Suite

SADDLE BROOK, NJ - 6/14/2005 Intergenix LLC, a new jersey based technology solutions provider, announced this week that it has released the spam control module for use with the *nix version of the PortGenix internal monitoring suite.

The spam control module allows server owners to monitor, limit, and stop spammers from abusing web based applications running on the target servers.

“Waiting to react after a spam incident is highly inefficient. With the spam control module and the PortGenix internal monitoring suite, you can not only trace the problem and the culprit, but you can now automatically stop these problems.” said Jacques Manukyan, CEO of Intergenix LLC

One of the myriad of issues facing server owners is that of spammers abusing and exploiting web application weaknesses to send thousands and possibly hundreds of thousands of emails through the victims server.

“Ultimately, it's the server owner who is blamed for the spam being sent out, and it is the owner of the server who must face the consequences of allowing spam through their servers.” said Manukyan.

The spam control module can limit the amount of emails being sent from web based applications. Server owners can specify filters to restrict and limit outgoing emails from web applications. Restrictions can be customized to meet any companies policies.

“This is one of those must have tools for hosting companies who allow clients to install and run their own applications on the hosting companies servers. There's no way a hosting company can review and test every piece of code a client uploads to his account. With the PortGenix internal monitor suite, your users' applications are automatically monitored and restricted to comply to the hosting companies policies.” said Manukyan.

The spam control module is part of the PortGenix internal monitor suite and all existing clients of the PortGenix internal monitoring suite will receive the spam control module for FREE.

“We value our existing clients and we're fulfilling the promise we made to them, that all future upgrades would be FREE to existing clients.” said Manukyan.

The PortGenix internal monitoring suite for *nix systems currently supports all *nix based platforms including Linux, FreeBSD, and Sun Solaris.

With the addition of the spam control module, the PortGenix internal monitoring suite for *nix systems now comes with 11 monitoring modules.

The PortGenix internal monitoring suite for *nix systems comes with the Active Processes Monitor, Application Watchdog Monitor, Disk Capacity Monitor, Disk Inode Monitor, Disk
Mount Point Monitor, Load Average Monitor, Server Uptime Monitor, Sockets Monitor, Swap Space Monitor, System Memory Monitor, and now the new spam control monitor.

More information regarding Intergenix LLC's spam control monitor and the PortGenix internal monitoring suite can be found on Intergenix's website, located at:

About Intergenix LLC
Intergenix LLC is a privately held New Jersey based corporation providing advanced monitor and automation technologies for web hosting companies, web site owners, and other Internet based businesses. Intergenix LLC was founded in mid 1999 with the vision of developing universal automation and monitoring technologies that can be molded to work with existing infrastructures without modification to the infrastructure. Intergenix's current patented and patent pending technologies were all developed with this vision in mind.

Jacques Manukyan
CEO, Intergenix LLC.
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