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  1. #1 swindle, taken my domains

    I the past saturday buy a domain in fortunecity, price: 4,95 dolares, by the price so down I have been transferring my domains to Fortune City and saturday buys one new domain, but now attempt to change dns of my domain (I have own server) and I cannot, fortune city has this domain and others taken, and in control panel it does not allow me to modify dns.

    I request to them that they change dns, and they refuse, simply they do not respond to my messages, they ignore to me, that is the service that gives fortune city. That do can I?, this company swindles to us, deceives, does not say to us in its Web that one this disabled to handle the dominions that purchased with them.

    Need change domain or transfer to other enterprises: I have domains and goddady, unfortunately for less money change to fortune city.

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    I dont think that you will find domain names with a price so low from good and honest companies, a domain name costs to the registar something near the 4.95 USD you paid to have your domains transfered. So or the registar is a scammer, or is doing business for fun. Talking a bout fortune city theire offer is just for 3 domain names and not for all domains you register or transfer.

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    So or the registar is a scammer, or is doing business for fun.
    Or it figures that losing a few cents for each registered domain is nothing compared to the business it can generate as a by-product of this. Loss leader...

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    Are you saying you lost control of your domain names? That is not normal at all. Try emailing them.

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    Actually offers instant domains fro $6 USD per year. They are the only registrar I use because I have never had an issue. They give you your own control panel to change DNS, forward domains/pages, etc.

    I've never heard for Fortune City... sounds like the name for a Casino. How ironic, haha.

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    Fortune City has been around since at least 1997. They were one of the many companies offering free website hosting including an easy to use WYSIWYG site builder. In the late 90's there were lots of free website companies. Geo Cities is another one that comes to mind. I guess they were making their profit with all the banners and pop up ads they had. I have no idea as to Fortune City's credibility nowadays but they were allright in the "old days".
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    Here is their phone number: 1.866.NET.CITY You need to call them and talk to someone. There might be a miscommunication going on.

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    I only want change dns of my domain, last, is so hard change dns. I to be write to them since yesterday, but no respond. I live in Peru, Lima, and my english is not fluid, for it no call by phone.

    I don't understand, I had purchased domain since 1998, and never I had problem, always change dns, only in happen this.

    If somebody can call and ask for my problem, my Customer ID is: 10977

    None domains appears in my control panel

    Marco Medina

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    solve my problem

    Finally fortune city send to me link of control panel and login and password of my domains. Thank to all

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    I think fortunecity uses enom, you may also contact them for help
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