OK, So I'm not a big time designer to say the least but I try to help friends etc. out when I can.
I recently helped a guy "fix" a frames site in Front Page 03, my first experience with '03.
Whether his doing or mine I straightened the site out (frames where they should be etc.) but it meta tagged every frames page with his keywords so now on the search engines if you click a link you may get just the "header" frame or more commonly his content frames; which without the side frame for navigation leaves a visitor stuck on that page with no navigation.... Not a good thing.

I am sure there is a fairly simple way to set the robots tag or something in the meta tags to "see" the entire home page (or all the frames of whatever page at once) but I haven't been able to find the answer and don't want to experiment only to ruin his rankings the next time he's crawled.
Could someone give me an understandable tip on how to make the search engines "see" all three frames as one page?
I (and he) would greatly appreciate it.