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    Dedicated hosting or shared hosting -- plz help

    We are a small products oriented company. We have around 4-5 products which we sell through our web site (about 40 pages). Also, we have a forums section with about 1000 users (abount 5-10 users active any time).

    We have a dedicated server from a hosting service provider (I rate 8/10 on server uptime and probably 6/10 on support). We are thinking of moving to a new hosting provider.

    We are contemplating whether to go for a dedicated server or shared plan (if it is reliable). Our requirements in brief:

    1. We do NOT have enormous data transfer. may be 100 GB a month would suffice.
    2. need cpanel access
    3. linux os
    3. ready to spend 75$ a month
    4. we do not need much support/monitoring but very occasionally, if a problem pops up, we expect the hosting provider to help us solve the issue. For example, in last 1 year, we never had any problems but in last 10 days, our server is compromised and started sending spam emails from our domain name. We approached the hosting provider but he was not of help and he was referring us to another hosting provider for help.

    Please let me know if I can get a dedicated server for 75$ a month budget or some reasonable shared server.


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    You could get some very good shared hosting / semi dedicated / vps hosting for that price range. You could also pick up a resonably priced server.

    From your perspective the costs of a shared hosting environment would be significantly less than that of the dedicated server once you factor in your costs of setup times, management of the server, etc. In that case I would recoment a shared hosting solution.

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    I think that a Shred Account or VPS is the right choice, for you.

    To find a Managed Dedicated Server for that price is hard.
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    Agreed, $75 for a unmanaged server means your going to get into trouble therefore I would suggest something like a semi-dedicated hosting package.

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    At for $50/month you get a 30gb reseller account with 750gb of transfer. Good deal/good pick IMO.

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