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    Arrow [For Sale] Set of Professional Vector Logos, client not able to pay...

    Hi Everyone,

    One of my clients was unable to make payment. I'm offering these logos as a package, you could use one of the designs as a logo... the others could be resized to make buttons or whatever you wish.

    You will get a .ai, .psd, and .gif in a package once payment is made.

    Selling for $10 via paypal

    will customize name for $5 extra

    Empire Logo - Affordable and Professional Vector Logos

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    I likin it! A steal for only $10!

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    I think it's a steel. It doesn't fit any on my sites and I checked threee times! Great. Will be sold fast!

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    Logos SOLD
    Only Quality Design

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    What a steal.. AHH worth a lot more. I wish i could of got it
    Albert Chen
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    ahh nice logos, and gj on the sale!
    Well worth the price.
    Looking for GameServer Domains ???
    I have ALOT of them !!!
    PM me if interested.

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    Thanks for all the complements, I didn't know these would sell so fast. I have some other concepts and abandoned work I should put up here
    Empire Logo - Affordable and Professional Vector Logos

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    definitely put more of your "unpurchased" work on here. excellent logo, almost worth creating a new site to go with, considering the price
    Ken O. TKO

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