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    Sell US your Cpanel Clients

    Are you looking to exit the hosting business?

    Do You have a few clients you will not be able to support.

    If so please contact me. We are looking for up to 250+ clients let us know what you have and we can make a deal.

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    if u need pm us now i know one who need to buy clients

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    sorry i mean he have clients want to sell them

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    Hi Sir,

    i have a big number of clients i need to sell them

    please PM

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    Going to make the following terms public.

    Anyone looking to sell us clients will have to recieve payment through escrow.

    A full review of the offering will need to be done.

    Seller must sign non-compete for 3 years

    Clients must all be 6 months or older.
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    we have 14 clients for sell but we accept credit cards on stormPay

    if u need them PM

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    We are still looking for clients pm what you have

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